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Calendar of activities 2015 and we hope your important collaboration

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

We hope your important collaboration

Entertaining and wonderful book of poetry and short stories is for sale

Musarteum. The message of the soul travels through the senses and transformed into poetry.

The money raised will be used for the publication of the 2nd. Collective International Writers and Poets emerging Spanish speaking.
                         We hope your cooperation.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Calendar of activities 2015

Calendar of activities 2015
Musarteum Cultural Association
In response to readers' needs and the ability of writers, we have considered this year for the following competitions:
1. 12th. International Poetry Competition MUSES OF ART 
       Topic: Nostalgia of past years 
                     The work must not exceed two letter size flat.
       Shipping deadline July 11, 2015
2. 13th. International Poetry Competition RENASCENTIS   
       Topic: Joy of Living 
                     The work must not exceed two letter size flat.
       Shipping deadline: August 11, 2015
3. 14th. International Poetry Competition INNOCENT POEM   
       Topic: waiting (birth of a baby)  
                    The work must not exceed two letter size flat.
       Shipping deadline:   October 11, 2015
1. 5to. International Short Story Competition pueros iN hibernates   
       Details:   Short Story,
                        It is essential to include in the beginning (imperfect) formula
                        Basic that gives the story an added poetic value, examples:  
                        Once upon a time, once upon a time,
                        Say they had, they lived once, etc.
                        The work must not exceed three flat letter size.
       Topic:  A happy family
       Shipping deadline:   September 11, 2015
1. 3rd. International Competition microstories ACCENSO Autem MODE 
       Topic: Story of My Life 
                     The action of the story must be developed in the summer time.
                     The work should not exceed five flat letter size.
       Shipping deadline:   November 11, 2015

                  Poetry - Stories - Stories
-            Entries must be unpublished, original and individual.
-          Written in Spanish,
-          will be accepted up to three works per participant,
-          The issue, number, type and layout of the text should be closely linked to the subject requested,
-          The work must not exceed two letter size flat (Poetry Contest)
-          The work must not exceed three flat letter size (Short Story Contests and Children's Story)
-          The work should not exceed five flat letter size (Short Story Contest)
-          Tahoma font size 12 is suggested,
-          Must have a title that identifies fully with the theme,
-          The road works will be received mail until the date indicated in each competition, jobs sent after the deadline will not be considered,
-          Entries must be sent in Word format including mail Username and Nationality in the case of mail should indicate the name of the Contest,
-          In Word attachment should include:   name of author, literary biography or resume, photo, nickname, mail and telephone contact,
-          The results will be published on the official website of Cultural Association Musarteum the 25th of the month,
-          The winners will be required audio in WAV format with the recitation of his winning entry,
-          If necessary will be required a video in AVI format,
-          The winners will be part of the annual collective of Musarteum Cultural Association,
-          you will be issued a Certificate Literary Contest winners (1st, 2nd and 3rd place...),   it will be sent via e-mail indicated by the participant,
-          The winning works will be disseminated to the media associated with Musarteum Cultural Association,
-          Besides an annual award that will involve all and all winners of the competitions held during the year will be held.
-          It is strongly recommended care spelling and punctuation suggests   the writings presented as part of the evaluation criteria to be considered.
-          The mere participation in the competition implies acceptance of these rules   and entitles the organizers to edit, publish, distribute and reproduce in any form all or part of the participating works respecting copyright . 
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